Why LAB?

Why LAB?

We are honest and committed. Towards you and our colleagues.

Our flexibility and continuity also ensure that you will not have to worry about HR problems any more. These problems will be ours. We will be happy to take them over. The work is matched; the right person in the right position is a situation that every client and employee desire. No matter if you are looking for one employee for a long time or one hundred employees for one day. We always offer the best solution. Do you want to be sure that you get the right staff who will be tied up for a long time? Then, posting is the right option.



We offer the ability to respond in a short time to the demand for temporary employees. Also during weekends. LAB cooperates closely with several certified temporary work offices. This means that we can guarantee greater flexibility and, if necessary, we can be a large, national partner for you – our client. With LAB as a contact point.


No nonsense

We prefer clear situations: man-man, word-word. This motto is very much appreciated by us. We try not to sell anything that we cannot deliver. Our only guarantee is that we are 100% committed to ensure customer satisfaction. A no nonsense attitude is also used by our temporary employees.


Temporary employees

Most of our temporary employees are Polish citizens. They are people with great mentality, good work attitude and very low absenteeism rate. We care for our employees and devote a lot of time and energy to their well-being. That is why many people have already been working at LAB for many years.



The right man in the right place. The goal of LAB is to gain insight into the needs of your staff. We respond to this by providing the most appropriate temporary employee for the job at the given moment. This is what custom-made means. 



Some people mention about a risk when employing foreign workers. And unfortunately, sometimes dishonest offices also operate in the industry. In LAB, you will be released from the responsibility of the entrepreneur using the services. LAB is a reliable partner, therefore there is no risk. Our way of working is transparent and fair. Both towards the employer and employee. See also the Certificates tab.