Why LAB?

We are honest and committed. Towards you and our employees.
As an employer, we are confident that investing in our temporary employees will ultimately lead to greater value added for you as the ordering party. 
At LAB, we are flexible, together with you as the ordering party, we think about and look for the right solutions. It can be a recruitment in accordance with the advertisement based on temporary work or recruitment & selection. 
Other forms of cooperation are also possible: at the same time, you can think about delegating remuneration administration or legally exercising the function of an employer.
If you have additional questions, please contact us. We will gladly pay a visit at your company to listen to you and think together about finding appropriate solutions.


Changes from 2020

Collective labour agreements of ABU [Association of Temporary Employment Agencies] and NBBU [Dutch Association of Temporary Employment Agencies] will be combined into one new Collective Labour Agreement for the temporary work industry. The new Collective Labour Agreement, which will enter into force on January 1, 2020, will introduce several changes to which you, as the ordering party, and us, as an employment agency, must adapt our way of operating. 
In addition, the Wet Arbeidsmarkt in Balans [Sustainable Labour Market Act] (WAB) will impose several changes on our way of operating. We will be happy to inform you about it during a personal conversation.


BSN Numbers

When temporary workers arrive in the Netherlands for the first time, they do not have a BSN national registration number yet. As an employment agency, we strive to ensure that our employees receive a BSN number as soon as possible, and that they are registered in the municipality. We help temporary employees when they go to the municipal office to register. This often happens on the first day of their stay in the Netherlands. That is why, it may happen that a new temporary employee will not be able to start working for you directly on the day of arrival. Please show your understanding regarding this case.

Thanks to our flexibility and continuity, we ensure that you no longer have to worry about your staffing problems. They will become our problems. We will be happy when you hand over them to us. Work is individualized; the right person in the right place – this is what every client and employee want. Regardless of whether you are looking for 1 good employee for a long time or a hundred people for 1 day, we will find a good solution. Do you want to have adequate personnel who will be with you for a long time? Together we will look for the appropriate form of contract.



We offer the ability to respond in a short time to the demand for temporary employees. Also during weekends. LAB cooperates intensively with several other certified employment agencies. This means that we can guarantee great flexibility and, if you wish, we can become your large national partner. LAB will be the contact point.



We like clarity; and we want to give and receive it: man for man, word for word. This is our motto. We do not try to sell anything that we could not materialize. Our own guarantee is that we are more than 100% committed to your satisfaction. We also expect the "no nonsens” approach from our temporary employees.



Most of our temporary employees are Polish citizens. We have also been cooperating increasingly with employees from Croatia. They are people who present the right attitude, good work ethics and low sickness absence rate. We care about our employees and we invest a lot of time and energy in their welfare. That is why many temporary employees have been working at LAB for many years. We also provide job matching services for Dutch citizens or job seekers with a good speaking and/or writing command of Dutch.



The right man in the right place. The goal of LAB is to gain insight into where your personal needs are. We refer to them by providing temporary employees who are most suitable for a given position at a given moment. This is tailor-made work.



LAB is a trustworthy partner – establishing cooperation with us does not carry any risk. We operate in a transparent and honest manner both towards the employer and employee. Please view the Certificates subpage on our website.