Privacy statement


If we are speaking about our website, we refer to the website mentioned above. In general, it is possible to visit our website without providing any personal information. However, for statistical purposes we process data – for instance, via Google Analytics – about the date and the time you visit our website, the site through which you accessed our website, the region from which you visit our website, the pages and sections on the website that you visit (how often, the duration and in which sequence), which information you upload/download to/from the website and the type of information you look at. In addition, we collect other non-identifiable automatic information about the users of the website.
We collect the above mentioned information to adapt the content of the website as much as possible to the needs and requirements of the visitors of our website. Non-identifiable information can be kept for future reference and could be passed on to third parties. For more information about the use of cookies we refer you to part of this document about cookies.
On our website you may come across links (hyperlinks) to other websites. This privacy statement does not apply to the websites of such third parties. For this reason, we recommend that you read the privacy statement of such parties so that you are aware how they deal with your privacy. In this regard please see part about cookies below. 

When do we start collecting personal data?

We collect your personal data, among others, from the moment you provide information on our website for recruiting purposes or when you register or have yourself registered in any other way. 

Personal details

a. In general and purposes
Our processing of personal details will happen for a number of purposes:

  • I. The first purpose is the processing of personal data of prospects or other interested people who are leaving their contact details on our website. These data are being send to us when somebody completed our contact form on our website. We use these personal data to get in touch or maintain contact with the persons concerned. More specifically we process personal data:

a. in order to assess your suitability for a certain assignment or position, to record your availability and to introduce you to or put you in touch with one or more (potential) business associates and/or clients;
b. in order to provide you with training opportunities, career and/or professional advice and/or further (work- related) services, to mediate with employment, working at and placement with clients, or to arrange assignments for you
c. in order to enable you to use and give access to our secure Website, portals and other online platforms.

  • II. The third purpose is that we are able to send a newsletter or other information. We are asking for permission to send you this. Persons can resign for these messages.
  • III. The third purpose is to improve our services and optimal functioning of our website. We use cookies on our website (see: cookies).

b. Which of your (personal) data do we collect?
We collect personal data which we need in order to provide our services. Some of this personal data is mandatory to provide to enable the use of our services. In addition, we collect supplementary (personal) data so that we can align our services with your specific qualifications and requirements or to satisfy the specific demands of our clients. The responsibility for the correctness and relevance of the information provided by you, lies with you.
The personal data we are processing:

  • Name, address, place of living
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Telephone number, e-mail address
  • Curriculum vitae and letter of motivation, often containing information about education and work experience
  • Additional information like: perforations, references from previous employers, recommender etc. 
  • IP-address and internet behavior

c. Provision to third parties
We will not sell your personal data to third parties. However, it is possible that we hire third parties to carry out a service or project. We will only give access to personal data when it’s necessary to provide them for fulfillment of the service or project, and only when there is permission to do so. We are using IT-services. It is possible that these entities have access to personal data (mostly for a limited period of time). Personal data are saved in the cloud, and also in several software applications in the cloud.
d. Terms

  • We retain the personal data as long as they are necessary in the recruitment procedure. As far as the personal data which you have provided for the employment mediation is concerned, we apply the legal retention periods. You can always ask us to delete the data you have provided. If you do not do this, we will retain your information for a period of maximum two years after the day of your registration or after the day on which you last were employed, unless it is necessary to retain the personal data for compliance with a legal obligation, as in the case of fiscally relevant data, or ID’s.
  • Data received by the website will be deleted when it’s clear that the resulting contact will not lead to an agreement.
  • Personal data which we are processing based on obtained permission, are being saved for the duration of the obtained permission.
  • Under the subject ‘cookies’ a storage period is mentioned.
  • We are saving personal data not longer than necessary.

e. From who we are receiving personal data?
We are receiving personal data by our website in three ways:
We use cookies to collect personal data in order to optimize our website by cookies (please find more in Cookies)
When you fill out the application form below a job offer
If you would like to contact Loppersum Arbeidsbemiddeling in connection with messages, offers or publications on this website, send us your contact details, so that we can contact you.
f. Security of personal data Personal data are being processed in a secured environment and saved within the European Union. We have taken security measures for this at several levels. We evaluate the level of security regularly and adjust our security policy if needed.